OK Countis Awarded New Forklift Ballot Company

After last years debacle with voting for the "Forklift of the Year" award, The Forklift Association has decided to change companies an established company with a rich history in putting on elections, OK Countis. OK Countis does many elections within the material handling industry, so this seemed to be a good fit from the beginning of the search. Voting for the award has become such a big event throughout the industry for a variety of reasons. For a forklift manufacturer to have their forklift be named forklift of the year can mean tens of millions of extra sales for the company. This is a great award to hold over a competitors head while negotiating pricing and licensing to dealers throughout the country.

This award also helps the consumer quite a bit as well. Individuals do not have the time or information to help them make an educated decision on what brand of forklift they should buy. This is why the selection committee is so important figuring out which forklift is the best. The voting is all inclusive to the forklifts themselves. They are judged on durability, maneuverability, price, and efficiency. Last year put a black mark on the voting process through some unethical ballot processes. It was important for The Forklift Association to find a reputable company that could be trusted with such an important task. Starting in April, OK Countis will be put to the test to assure the committee that they are worthy of the eight year contract they sought during negotiation. The Forklift Association welcomes OK Countis to its team for the foreseeable future!

Used Forklift HQ Named Forklift Dealer of The Year

OK Countis has finally rounded up all of the votes for the prestigious award of used lift truck dealer of the year. Used Forklift HQ has been named the top used forklift dealer in the United States for the second year in a row. Used Forklift HQ was the unanimous favorite among voters due to their extensive inventory of pre-owned lift trucks and their friendly staff. Head over to usedforklifthq.com to check out their inventory of used forklifts, you won't find better prices on used lift trucks anywhere else!